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Architectural Digest: August 2013

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Architectural Digest, August 2013


Interior decorator Christopher Maya tailors the fashion-and-lifestyle entrepreneur’s getaway in Southampton, New York, to reflect a snappy-chic style

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NantucketEpicure.com: September 2012

The Lockhart Collection and Thomas Henry Gallery
Posted on 30. Sep, 2012 by Mary Beth McCahan in Shopping

Some things just go together beautifully: Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys, Sancerre and goat cheese (or would you rather chocolate and peanut butter?)…..anyway, you’ve got the picture. The Lockhart Collection and Thomas Henry Gallery, located together at 15 Centre Street, fit right in to that list of perfect pairings. Each time I walk into this combined shop, I honestly have trouble focusing, because there are so many beautiful and interesting things vying for my attention – fine art, antique and vintage furniture and accessories, and jewelry.

The Lockhart Collection

Deborah Lockhart locates appealing and eclectic objects from around the globe that speak to her sophisticated style. She specializes in furnishings and accessories from the 19th century British Campaign era to deco and mid-20th century periods, focusing primarily (but not solely) on Colonial British and Anglo-Indian pieces as well as reclaimed furnishings and accessories from decommissioned merchant and cruise ships.

Among the collection you will find many unusual and intriguing items. This season, for example, Deborah has been showing a beautiful pair of glass-topped rosewood and teak deco side tables, part of the original furnishings from a theater built by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in Bombay (now Mumbai), India in 1938, and discarded when the theater was retrofitted into a multiplex in 2006. Those tables accent an eye-catching teak, rosewood, and leather sofa with two matching club chairs.


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